Grape Varieties

100% Chardonnay


Limarí Costa, Chile


Traditional method


24 months in French oak barrels

Total Production

3,800 bottles

Aristos Baronesa D’A 2015

Elegant, crystalline, and mineral character

The Terroir

Baronesa D’A is sourced from vines that grow on a terrace in the Limarí valley, in northern Chile, just 12 km from the sea and close to the Fray Jorge National Park, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The distinctive features of this terroir are an ancient fractured and porous granite bedrock that regulates water supply and is a source of calcium carbonate, and a dense fog that blankets the vineyards every morning. The grapes ripen slowly, with temperatures not exceeding 24ºC during the summer. The wines are fresh, elegant, and exhibit a mineral character.

2015 Vintage

Donald Trump begins his second presidential term. The migration crisis and the #metoo movement go global. Actress Meghan Markle joins the British royal family as the United Kingdom negotiates its exit from the European Union. Chile celebrates 200 years as an independent republic, receives a visit from Pope Francis, and wins an Oscar for the film “A Fantastic Woman.” In Limarí, the winter is slightly wetter than usual and summer temperatures are lower than the historical average. The 2018 vintage delivers wines with low pH and refreshing acidity.

Technical Data