Grape Varieties

100% Chardonnay


Cachapoal Andes, Chile


Traditional method


24 months in French oak barrels

Total Production

4,571 bottles

Aristos Duquesa D’A 2015

Power, harmony, and exuberance

The Terroir

Duquesa D’A is sourced from vines planted in the Andean foothills, surrounded by native vegetation, and condors that fly over the meandering tributaries of the Cachapoal River. The vines are balanced between the boulders of mountains with a 10-degree slope. With the freshness provided by the mountains and the Cachapoal River, the plants grow and give their best so that grapes achieve the optimum ripeness, but always keeping extremely low pH. The wine displays unparalleled beauty, rich mouthfeel, and elegance, all of which turns it into one of the best Chardonnays in the world.

2015 Vintage

2015 begins with the attack against the French satirical weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo. The smiles return, however, when the U.S. and Cuba resume diplomatic relations after 54 years. In addition, the Paris Agreement to combat climate change is signed and Chile wins the Copa America soccer tournament for the first time in its history. It is a season of contrasts. with low yields and a very hot summer, but also with significant temperature oscillations between day and night. Duchess D’A concentrates and displays a symphony of flowers, white fruits, and sweet spices.

Technical Data