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A r i s t o s W i n e s

Aristos Duque D’A 2015

M a s s o c F r è r e s W i n e s

perfect natural balance

A r i s t o s

After years of research and learning, the Aristos team has selected the best terroirs for its wines. The magical combination of weathered granite soils, alluvium and colluvium of its foothills and coastal terraces, and microclimates with moderate temperatures and sharp temperature differences between day and night, slow down the ripening of the grapes to achieve a perfect natural balance: expressive, ripe, and deeply fresh wines. The unique characteristics of its terroirs, coupled with sustainable viticulture, mark the vintages, and provide the winemaking guidelines to honor the origin of its wines.
exceptional quality

M a s s o c F r è r e s

Founded in 2015, Massoc Frères Winery was established with a heartfelt connection to both Chilean and French roots. Guided by a profound faith in the Valles del Itata and Bio Bío regions, the winery embarked on a mission to produce exceptional, unique, and sincere wines that showcase the utmost potential of traditional grape varieties in southern Chile.

At Massoc Frères Winery, their philosophy centers around the art of vinification, with a keen focus on preserving the authentic identity of each grape. With meticulous care, they strive to bring forth the best expression of the grapes’ character, enabling a sensory exploration with every sip. Their commitment to crafting wines of exceptional quality is unwavering.